I discovered Hilary after a move back to Iowa after living in Texas for 30+ years. I was searching for community, friends, and local voices who shared my love of treasure hunting for vintage finds. I quickly felt a connection with her authentic and creative content. Hilary is the real deal.
Kristy C
Just wanted you to know you’re one of my favorite accounts to follow! I love thrifting, but had not done it in a while. I found your account on Instagram and it has reinspired me to get back into thrifting. Now I’m addicted!
Kelcey B
I like when you go shopping and show things out there, and maybe you don’t get everything, but you show how you styled it or talk about how you intend to use it. I like your mini fashion shows with clothes and accessories. I like your animals. I like when you talk to us about life, good and fun times and bad/hard times.
Pam C
I just love following you–I love all of your content!! I REALLY enjoy seeing all of your thrift finds, I LOVE seeing and hearing about your pets, and I REALLY appreciate seeing the great items you find and love and use in your home. You’re one of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram-just wanted you to know that
Joni S
I love following you probably more than many of the influencers I do follow purely based on your down to earth attitude. You share your true self. Many on social media share the “filtered” version of themselves. You are you and that keeps me wanting to see more of your stories. Thank you for being true to who you are.
Love your enthusiasm, your honesty, and your love of estate sales and thrift stores. I would love to go with you to an estate sale, however, I think our tastes are too similar and we would want the same things!
Sheri H
I started following you about five years ago. At the time, I was looking for home decor accounts. When you started sharing your thrift finds, I was really excited. Now, I love all your content. Your health journey is so impressive and you don’t share anything that isn’t authentic. I am here for it all.
Kim M
I love following you. I think it’s the authenticity and I love seeing your thrift hauls and your plants, all of it.
Caryn M
I started following you after you’d done a bit at a thrift store where you were looking at rugs. I enjoy your account because it feels like having a peek into a good friend’s day-to-day life. You’re not pretentious. You’re real and you share raw emotions that I think many of us feel at times. Your content is informative, quirky, and just…relatable.
Anita H
I enjoy following you because I do genuinely feel like we have a lot in common, as far as interests, hobbies, food, weight, same age…and being an Iowa girl through and through. Oh and sarcasm/humor on the same level. I love that you show up unshowered and real and that you also like to get dressed up. I have purchased MANY of your recommendations through the years.
Janelle M
I don’t have many friends that enjoy thrifting as much as I do and I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing Hilary’s thrift hauls! I love seeing how she styles them in her home and she gives me so many more ideas!
Amber H
I appreciate your genuineness and practicality. Especially enjoy your thrifting ability and eclectic style. I even recycled a metal file cabinet into a planter with lemongrass to shade our chicken coop. Keep doing what you’re doing!
Dawn M