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About ME

Meet Hilary

Hello friends—I’m Hilary (one L, not two) and I am blessed. I’m married to my best friend Jason and spend every day doing what I love—helping people create living spaces that are beautiful, functional, and truly special.

I spent years working in retail, and it didn’t feed my soul. Finding the courage to start H.Prall & Co. changed everything, and now I’m here to share my passion with you! My interior design style is colorful and eclectic, but practical. I believe everyone deserves a beautiful space to call home, so my blog is all about making design accessible. At the end of the day, I want you to come home to a place that makes you happy.

Come here anytime you’re looking for inspiration DIY how-tos, or help!I’ve been featured on: WHO-TV 13 News, Homemakers, and Hello Iowa!