Jarcuterie! Individual Charcuterie Jars
September 26, 2022

Jarcuterie! Individual Charcuterie Jars

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Jarcuterie has the things that you love from charcuterie boards, but in a cute individually portioned mason jar! Fun and easy to make, jarcuterie will be a hit at your next get together! I’m spilling all the tea below for how to create your own!

Ever since the charcuterie board craze really took hold a several years ago, I have been a big fan. I love to “graze” when I eat, enjoy getting to taste a little bit of everything, and am inspired by beautiful food—charcuterie boards give me all these things!

I’m passionate about snack boards of all kinds. You can find others I’ve shared here:

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Entertaining with Jarcuterie

There’s no real reason to reinvent the wheel, as they say…same when it comes to charcuterie, but I love finding fun and unique ways of doing things. Plus, if you’re serving guests, they can mingle with their snacks, instead of feeling like they need to hover over the table of goodies.

Jarcuterie is so easy to make, and you might even have everything you need to create some of your own, right in your cupboards. In case you don’t, I’ll link the basics, to get your party started!

How to Make Jarcuterie


The food you include in your jarcuterie may vary, depending on taste and theme, but you’ll for sure need:

-Jars—Wide mouth jars work best, and I went with the half-pint size

-Appetizer Skewers—I like these because you can trim them to fit your need

-Food—The sky is the limit on this, but this is what I included in mine (almost everything came from Aldi):

-Salami (thinly sliced)

-Cubed Colby jack cheese

-Manchego cheese (sliced into triangles)

-Marcona Almonds

-Red Grapes



-Mini Cucumbers (sliced)

-Pistachios (in the shell)

-Mini gherkins


-Rosemary Sprigs


There really aren’t any rules for how to make the jarcuterie, but I have a few tips for success.

1. Prep the ingredients so you can put the jarcuterie together assembly line style—it will go a lot faster this way! Wash and cut fruit/veggies, put salami on skewers (I folded the pieces in half twice and then added them to the skewer), put cheese and grapes on skewers, dry pickle and put it on skewer.

2. Layer a few things in the bottom of the jar to fill in the space—think nuts, fruit, cheese cubes.

3. Add cheese triangles to the jar, then put skewers in.

4. Once the big elements are in the jar, you can add the crackers, then sprinkle in more fruit and nuts.

Jarcuterie Tips for Success

You can make the jarcuterie an hour or so ahead of time, but I wouldn’t assemble too far in advance—the ingredients will dry out since there’s no good way to store them covered. Also, the crackers will get very soggy. It’s totally fine to prep all the ingredients, though, even skewering everything and storing in a container!

Once you have the rhythm down of making the jarcuterie, especially if you have everything prepped, assembling the jars is so easy! I’ve made several charcuterie boards, and I think jarcuterie is so much easier to create!

I love the idea that you can make the jarcuterie with different themes…even dessert foods! The possibilities are endless for the individual charcuterie in jars, so I know you will have fun making them for your next get together with friends or family. They’d be perfect for a bridal or baby shower too.

Additional Jarcuterie Add-Ins


-Cheese Straws


-Mozzarella Balls

-Grape Tomatoes

-Garlic Crostini

-Mini Herbed Cheese Balls


-Colored peppers

-Pickled asparagus

Making all these cute individual charcuterie jars—jarcuterie—has me wanting to host a get-together of some sort! We were supposed to have our neighbors over for a fire pit last week and I was going to make jarcuterie. The festivities got rained out, though, so Jason and I had to eat the jars I’d already assembled, ourselves.

Luckily, we enjoy all charcuterie ingredients and will snack on them for a while. I still want to make the jarcuterie for others, though, so I’ll have to plan something else soon!

If you try your hand at making jarcuterie, I would love to see your creations! Share a picture of them in your Instagram stories and tag me when you do! You can find me on Instagram at @hilaryprall.

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